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2009-01-23 13:47:05 by Dogmaster

I am an imaginative person and I love to create stories. As long as I can put cool stuff in my stories I also wish to put meaning to them. For example, all though the hero is cool and can do awesome stuff, what does he/him learn from his journey and what does everything that happens around him/her mean? The character that most of my stories revolve around is Daisy Naider, a sassy and free spirited dog who is based off of my beloved dog Daisy (my mother gave her the last name Naider although Ralph's name is spelled 'Nader'). I hope one day Daisy can be an animation icon just like Strong Bad or Mickey Mouse. In a way, Daisy could one day be the mickey mouse of I know this dream sounds too impossible but from everything I was taught, nothing is impossible. As long as I have the support of my family and fans I hope that Daisy may one day be a legend in animaiton. I can't do it alone though...I need support from YOU the people of newgrounds. Guide me in improving my proflie and give me some inspiration to make Daisy a loved cartoon character. No matter what others may say, I will not give up.



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2009-01-23 13:56:08

You also don't use paragraphs.